Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Investment Management

Opus Investment Management offers core services in Investment Advisory, Investment Management and holistic Wealth Management, providing tailored advice to meet the needs of individual clients and offer a full range of financial solutions. We see…

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Corporate Advice

Corporate Solutions

Opus Corporate Solutions offers a range of services for businesses. Our aim is to help you and your business find the right financial solutions as you move forward. Working as an integral part of your…

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Accounting & Tax Advice

Accounting & Tax

Opus Accounting & Tax offers a complete and comprehensive range of compliance based services. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs to ensure that their tax liabilities are minimised. We are committed to…

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Estate & Trust Planning

Estate and Trust Planning

Opus Estate & Trust Planning has been designed with your future legacy in mind. What is the purpose of estate planning? Is it to just make sure your assets and belongings go to the people you want?…

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